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Graphic Overlay

Graphic overlays are a critical printedinterface layer component in touchscreens andmembrane switches, or standalone durable labelproviding both protection and a surface for graphicprinting to create a functional and user-friendlyinterface.

YanMing has lots of expertises in manufacturing graphic overlays for any application. All decorative, informative and precision overlays are made within highest quality standards and customer requirements.

We offer support on design and how to choose material and adhesive for each application in order to find the best solutions for your needs. We ensure that colors are within 1 delta and critical dimensions are in tolerance, all of which are recorded according to our internal quality system.

For tightest tolerances, laser cutting is the best option. Our manufacturing capabilities will bring reliability and performance of graphic overlays.

Digital printing and screen printing process are combined to get the most cosmetic standards.

Different types of UV textures can be printed, also dead front and transparent inks for your displays.
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